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Judith Daugherty was born in the Philippines but moved to America after graduation from college. Her father was a musician, so Judith's love for music began at an early age. She began playing guitar as a young girl. As her musical talents developed, God began to use her to lead worship and present songs of praise in different countries. Judith has used her gifts in music to glorify God and minister to the people in Botswana, Africa; Moscow, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Côte d'Ivoire, and The Gambia, West Africa; America; and in her home country, Philippines.

In 2023, God put a desire in Judith's heart to produce an album, "God of Love." It is her first Album, which she treasured as a beautiful possession from

Chad and Judith Daugherty

heaven. God gave the songs to her husband (Chad Daugherty), who wrote them and helped with the melodies. She arranged, polished the songs, and performed them. Together, they worked hard to ensure that every song on the album brings honor and exalts the name of Jesus.

Judith loves God and is grateful for her God-given abilities. She wants her music to magnify God and bless all who listen to it. Her first album is a labor of love given by the source of love - GOD.

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Songs from heaven and inspired by the source of love - GOD!
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Minus One (Instrumental)


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